Philosophy Word Shit Bingo

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(need 75 or more)

Abduction Not kidnapping! The conflation of induction as projectible testable abstraction with post hoc rationalization. Arsehole philosophers evidently think prediction doesn't work.
Antirealist A philosophers word for someone who cares about what's "out there" rather than what's "in here" about "out there". In other words a real realist is an antirealist
Dualism The honest mistake of a genius flogged with shame through history to the present day where the mistake is repeated with amplification
Emergence To a mathematician, a consequence of one way functions; to a computer scientist, a consequence of the combinatorial explosion; to a scientist, a demonstration of entropy; but to a philosopher something that never was and there's no evidence of it ever being but which is supposed to be taken seriously
Epiphenomal Mind is phase waves! A philosopher who forgets what he just experienced and so claims experience has no material effect.
Irreducible It won't change no matter how you hit it. Rather like a philosophers fancies.
Metaphysical For those who can't figure out physics but are certain they understand the universe better than physicists.
Microphysics Because philosophers think something happens in their brains that is smaller than Planck length. They may be right.
Modal How to sound profound about how.
Monism All the same shit just piled differently
Ontology Because "catalog" doesn't have enough letters, and if we said catalog you might think its just references to kinds of stuff and not something with meaning otherwise.
Phenomenal What you can remember and report upon from inside your head.
Predicate "Something before" sounds so much more impressive in latin. Of course as logic is a temporal it's only a philosophers version of logic in which a "predicate" is a logical contingent
Qualia I forget are these qualities about things or qualities about our perception of things?
Reductive A pejorative of conceptual dimunition
  • Subjective
  • Tropist
  • Sui-Generis
  • Zombies