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20220426 YouTuber CRASHES Airplane To Boost Views

Terrence Zellers 13 hours ago A beautiful day, still thousands of feet in the air in a plane maintaining trim .... No possible doubt he did it on purpose; if he ever had any training he'd know he had MANY options at that point aside from abandoning a thousand pounds of metal in the air to crash on anyone who might be wandering by at likely over a hundred MPH.

The FAA can't do it, but I think the CA AG should indict the dude for endangering life and property.... and for clearing the wreckage likewise a charge of obstruction.

Lots of people manage to make a living without doing things so stupidly dangerous.

20220426 FL Cop Encourages Shooting People To Save Tax Money

Terrence Zellers 13 hours ago Whoa. I'm very much of the left persuasion .... more so than apparently most Democratic leadership .... and for that matter I have no problem with reasonable firearm regulation and restriction rules (however a lot that I've seen offered over the years are so far .... into themselves ...that they can see daylight from the other end).

But bottom line is if someone is breaking into my house ... especially when we're obviously home I'm gonna shoot.

I don't know that he only wants my television .... I don't know that if he really does only want my TV and other doodads that would not harm me or my wife to improve his chances of a clean getaway.

John and Jayar are so far off base here it isn't funny.

The chief probably could have been better polished and more diplomatic, but his suggestion that anyone who has a firearm for self defense in their home take a safety class is MORE than valid (fwiw, I had one many years ago, recently took one again more or less as a refresher).

I'd also point out that it's more than obvious that someone breaking in when you're obviously ... or even just likely ... home is more than a little desparate and not exactly in a "civil" frame of mind.

What are we supposed to to do in such situation John and Jayar? Now I live where police response times are pretty good, often less than five minutes .... but someone breaking in can be in a position to harm my family and I in less than one. And in many places police response could easily be over ten minutes. You can be dead in 30 seconds. What exactly do you at TYT think we should do?